Optical Center

You wear our reputation on your face and we take that seriously!

Our optical shops have a wide variety of designer fashion eye wear, stylish frames, awesome sun wear and active sport glasses, all at competitive prices. Our New York State licensed opticians are eager to show you the latest styles from our vast selection and introduce you to the newest lens technologies to customize your eyewear to fit your personal needs.

We’ll help you achieve great vision with comfort and you’ll look fantastic too!

Some of our trendier frame brands include:

Some of our more popular sunglass lines include:

We’ve got even more frames and sunglasses, come see for yourself!

We offer a wide selection of spectacle lenses types to include:

  • Single Vision, an all-purpose lens that provides vision correction for one viewing area made for distance and near vision.
  • No-Line Progressives, which are designed to allow you to see distance, intermediate, and near objects without bifocal lines.
  • Bifocals, that provides both far and near correction in one lens with a visible line that divides the two areas.
  • Trifocals, which provide correction in three visibly, lined areas: distance, intermediate, and near.
  • Polarized Lenses are the best option for eliminating glare, eye strain, and fatigue in bright sunlight.
  • Sports Lenses that are designed to improve safety and performance while enhancing the enviroment of your sport.
  • Computer Lenses, designed to enhance your vision and comfort while working at your computer.
  • Occupational Lenses, designed for visual and industrial safety standards.

Lens options that can enhance your eye health and visual needs:

  • UV Protection to eliminate the ultraviolet rays that pose potential harm to your eyes.
  • Scratch Resistant Coating to protect your lenses from everyday wear and tea
  • Anti-Reflective coating that reduces distracting glare and reflections.
  • Transition lenses are clear indoors and react to sunlight becoming fully darker outdoors while blocking 100% of UVA and UVB rays.
  • Some of our more popular lens materials include:
  • Polycarbonate lenses which are the most impact resistant and lightweight lenses which are recommended for anyone who wants great optics, comfort and superior eye protection.
  • High index lenses that are made thinner and lighter for higher prescriptions.
  • Trivex lenses which are thin, lightweight and more impact-resistant than regular plastic or glass lenses and provides crisper optics than injection-molded polycarbonate lenses.